On 3rd and 4th October 2017 the Training course was held in Malaga (Spain) with 25 people attending, three from each participant organization from Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Serbia, four from each participant organiza ...



The International Seminar took place in Skopje,Macedonia, from 30 May to 31 of May 2017 and was attended by 2 persons per organization. This two-day meeting  was the second event in the framework of this project, where t ...



The first kick off meeting was held in Belgrade in 25.01.2017 - the meeting lasted 1 day and was attended by 2 persons per organization. This was the first joint meeting in the framework of this project and it was ess ...



PROJECT TITLE “RaiSING awareness for active employee participation”

This project action “RaiSING awareness for active employee participation” is joined by 9 European organizations representing trade unions and employers’ organizations, coming from 8 EU and candidate member states (Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania and Spain). In a period of 16 months it is envisaged 5 joint international meetings throughout the undertakings will have the opportunity, first of all, to introduce themselves with the set of EU law and directives about employee involvement and after through sharing different practices, knowledge and experience is expected to provide best possible methods and techniques for transposing it to national level. Special ascent will be put on the raising awareness campaign for active employee participation which will be organized in every partner country.


  • Providing best possible methods and techniques for transposing EU law, directives and practices about the employee involvement to national level and introducing the employees in the oil sector about the importance of their participation in the decision making process of their companies.
  • Introducing the representatives of trade unions in the oil sector around Europe to appropriate skills and techniques for the purpose of raising awareness and disseminating the information about active participation, and also to foster consultation of these representatives during the decision making process in their companies.
  • Encouraging the employees in oil sector to take active participation in the decision making process within their companies and present them the importance of their active involvement.
  • Making favourable conditions for gathering the employers and employees in the oil sector and providing tools for improving that mutual cooperation and inclusion.
  • Sharing examples and good practices about the relations among employees and employers in the partner countries and their openness for joint collaboration and consideration of each other’s needs and possibilities.


  • F.S.G.R - Federatia Sindicatelor Gaz Romania

SING – Project Leader

The trade union of oil industry is the most numerous union in the oil and gas industry in the Republic of Croatian. Abbreviation of the trade union is SING (Sindikat naftnog gospodarstva).
SING is organized on the territorial principle, divided in 3 TU regions. SING has 6 regional offices, 43branches, 230 union groups and 230 commissioners, it also has 5078 members all around Croatia.
SING is a member of the Independent Croatian Unions (NHS), one of the largest trade unions in the Republic of Croatia.It currently employees 9 (nine) people, permanent/ full-time employed.
SING main objectives and activities are: Protection of workers and TU members’ rights and interests through high-quality and long-term collective agreements in accordance with best practice. Choice of quality representatives in works councils and supervisory boards. Creating and initiating educational programs that provide workers and TU members an increase of knowledge, competencies and skills. SING has established its own trade union school in which we learn a trade union commissioners of basic knowledge about the union, collective bargaining, etc.

Head office: Kumičićeva 1, 10000 Zagreb
Offical website:


Name of the organisation is Samostoen Sindikat narabotniciteodenergetika, rudarstvo i industrijana R. Makedonija, Sindikalnaorganizacija(SSERI-SO AD ELEM). SSERI- SO AD ELEM, has five employees that their job responsibilities perform professionally in the union. Organizational structure is composed of a President of the Trade Union Organization, the other four employees perform various union activities. SSERI-SO AD ELEM gathers about 5,200 members employed in the energy, mining and related industry sectors in the Republic of Macedonia which is more than 98% of the total number of employees in this sector.


Name of the organisation is Samostalni sindikat radnika energetike Srbije (SSRES). SSRES employees 2 members: Office Manager - Lawyer and Secretary. The president and other membersare working on volunteer basis. Office Manager - a lawyer drafts contracts in the field of labour law, interprets the laws and by-laws, giving legal opinions to the union members, solve other issues in the field of labour law relevant to the unions. The secretary performs administrative work in the Union – technical preparation of materials for meetings, conducts business correspondence, monitor financial operations etc.The SSRES is counting around 6000 members.

CCOO de Industria

Name of the organisation ComissionesObreras de Industria. The Workers' Commissionssince the 1970s has become the largest trade union in Spain. It has more than one million members. CCOO is organized territorially in local, provincial, regional/nationality levels (in regional unions or in nationality confederations) and in a Spain-wide level. Equally and in a parallel way CCOO is organized at the sectoral level, from local unions in a company to the federal branch.

National Federation of chemical workers- NFCW Podkrepa (Bulgaria)

Name of the organisationNational Federation of chemical workers- CLPodkrepa. The Federation has over 2000 members.The supreme authority of the Federation is the National Conference convened once every four years. During the Conference the Statute is assumed, team of a President, Vice-president are elected. The elected team propose the members of the Executive board. The organization employees 2 members. Legal representative of the trade union is Ivan Ivanov. Objective of the trade union isto facilitate the formation, stabilization and development of trade union unity, both at sectoral and national level. Trade union organizations that are members to the Federation are divided regarding their industrial sector.

ASITECO (Asociación Industrial, Técnica y de Comercio) (Industrial, Technical and Trade Association)

ASITECO (Industrial, Technical and Trade Association) has become an open platform for exchanging experience and activities in a modern, versatile and free environment among various participants of interest.
ASITECO is a non-profit association and an open forum where you can hear many opinions that today don’t find place elsewhere.
ASITECO is formed by people of the industrial sector, small and medium-sized businesses, investors, self-employed, technical and liberal professionals. The association wants to stimulate the confrontation between the society as a whole and the professionals who generate employment and wealth, in order to stimulate new initiatives and understanding of creative activities.

F.S.G.R - Federatia Sindicatelor Gaz Romania


F.S.G.R. is a NATIONAL TRADE UNION ORGANIZATION established by the voluntary association of trade unions in the industry of natural gas. Founded in 1992, with a total of 64 unions member, F.S.G.R. represents the interests of approximately 25,000 members of the Union, employees in two multinational companies, 11 companies and 1 regional company.

F.S.G.R. MEMBERS come from all branches of the gas industry (production, transmission, distribution, supply) and the distribution of electricity: ROMGAZ, TRANSGAZ, Romania Group ENGIE, E.on Group Romania, CONGAZ. The degree of unionization on average at these companies is 90%.

F.S.G.R. promotes and defends the interests of the professional, economic and socio-cultural needs of Union members. This mission has two important dimensions:
1. monitoring compliance with the duties arising out of the laws in force and of the collective labour Contract and the legal rights of the members, in all cases in which they are found to have been violated by acts that are contrary to both national legislation and international strategic documents;
2. implementation of specific trade union activities, such as negotiation or mediation.
A cross-sectional area of activity consists of respecting and promoting the principles of equal opportunities and gender, in accordance with European Directives and National Strategies. F.S.G.R. is a signatory of an international agreement relating to equal opportunities, and this agreement should be taken up and implemented at national level.


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The International Seminar took place in Skopje,Macedonia, from 30 May to 31 of May 2017 and was attended by 2 persons per organization. This two-day meeting  was the second event in the framework of this project, where t ...





Head office: Kumičićeva 1, 10000 Zagreb

Phone: 01/4501 620

Fax: 01/4501 627

Official website:



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